Why Choose Our Cloud Based Business Hosting?

Cloud Infrastructure

An ordinary server shares system resources with other users on one physical server and so it may affect the performance of your website. Our business hosting plan comes integrated with cloud hosting server. In cloud server the resources required for maintaining your website will be dispersed across more than one server(that acts as one) and utilized as per the need. This incredibly reduces any chances of downtime.


Website Backup in Cloud

Forget about the risk of website getting crashed and data loss. With our website backup solution you can safely restore and rollback your data from any point of time with just a few clicks. Files and data gets automatically backed up to the cloud server on a regular basis. However, you can also run an on demand backup of your website.

Cloud Based Web Security

We ensure that your site doesn’t have to go through any disaster. Our web application firewall constantly monitors all the incoming and outgoing web traffic to your web server. So as to safeguard your website from potential web attacks such as DDoS, website hacking, identity theft or malicious activities and filter only genuine traffic to your website.


Business Hosting Optimized for the Most Popular Apps

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